The National Council of Negro Women is a coalition comprised of 200 community-based sections in 32 states and 38 national organizational affiliates that works to enlighten and inspire more than 3,000,000 women and men. Its mission is to lead, advocate for and empower women of African descent, their families and communities. NCNW was founded in 1935 by Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, influential educator and activist. For more than fifty years, the iconic Dr. Dorothy Height was president of NCNW. Ms. Ingrid Saunders Jones was elected Chair of NCNW in 2012, ushering in a new era of progress and growth for the organization. Today, NC NW’s programs are grounded on a foundation of critical concerns known as “Four for the Futu re”. NCNW promotes education with a special focus on science, technology, engineering and math; encourages entrepreneurship, financial literacy and economic stability; educates women about good health and HIV/AIDS; promotes civic engagement and advocates for sound public policy consistent with traditional values.

The State Coalition of Georgia has implemented a bi-annual state training in accordance of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. This training is mandated for members and incoming Section Executive Board Members to better serve and equip them with leadership training, National and State regulations and protocols and the ability to work collaboratively and cohesively for the betterment of NCNW as a whole in the state of Georgia.

Organizing as a state in 2016, the state of Georgia, NCNW has implemented a bi-annual state conference opposite of the National Convention. In 2019, the state conference will be hosted in Savannah, GA in August. This two day conference has historically and will continue to provide structure, guidance and influence from sections across the state. During this conference, state officers are elected and sections have the opportunity to network with one another as well as learn of changes or updates from the state and national office.

State Coalition of Georgia NCNW 
Bethune Height Recognition Program (BHRP)

The State Coalition of Georgia, NCNW is hosting its Inaugural Day Party on March 23, 2019 in Atlanta! Traditionally, the BHRP has been a formal sit down dinner and with so many years passing since the state has held its BHRP, we are re-vamping this opportunity to better support our National Headquarters!

The Bethune/Height Recognition Program was founded in 1974 and has grown into a great national movement. Its uniqueness comes from the annual opportunity it gives individuals to live the legacy of NCNW’s Founder, Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune by contributing to the work for which she dedicated her life.

Proceeds from the Program help to undergird the vital work of the National Office by broadening and strengthening the financial base that is so crucial to NCNWs survival and its ability to affect much needed change.

The Bethune/Height Recognition Program honors Bethune Achievers (persons who contribute $300.00 or more), Life Members, and Legacy Life Members who contribute, join or upgrade through the Program.

November 2010, during the NCNW 75th Anniversary Convocation, Dr. Barbara L. Shaw, National Chair, officially announced that the Program would be renamed “Bethune/Height Recognition Program” in honor of Dr. Dorothy I. Height, NCNW Chair/President Emerita.