Ticket Mambo isn’t one of those ivory tower ticket corporations. Instead, we are musicians turned software engineers who created Ticket Mambo to meet the need of businesses, venues, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. A few highlights include:

  • Paypal Integration
  • Sales Reporting for Back Office Management
  • Membership Management
  • Document Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited Event Posting
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Low Processing Fees
  • A Mobile Ticket Scanning App

As it should be, our fee structure is easy to navigate. We don’t make money unless YOU make money.

Ticket Mambo Offer:

  • BRANDED Ticketing Platform
  • Instant Return on your INVESETMENT
  • Easy to ORGANIZE all your events and sell tickets in one place
  • It can also function as your SECTION website

Processing Fees

Ticket Mambo: 2.25%+$0.99 Per Ticket Sold
(Our fees are set at or below industry standards, so you can be sure there's NEVER a hidden cost for your Section or your customers.  


PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30 Per Ticket Sold

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